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I agree to the terms and conditions. and enrollment to our discount club program where you will immediately be billed the shipping and handling amount of $7.97 and we will immediately give you access to Exclusive Gadgets Warehouse Direct discount club membership. You have 3 days of trial period. Your trial will begin upon purchase of any Exclusive Gadgets Warehouse Direct offers. After your Exclusive Gadgets Warehouse Direct trial (3 days) has ended, your credit card will then be automatically charged the full retail membership price of $89.95 and you will be billed a recurring membership of Exclusive Gadgets Warehouse Direct every 30 days unless you take action to cancel your trial. You will be charged $89.95 for each recurring month until you cancel your membership. If our product is not right for you, simply call (866) 979-9572, contact us via email at [email protected]. Shipment via USPS typically takes 4-5 days. Subscription pricing is subject to change at anytime. By providing my information at checkout, I authorize to be immediately be enrolled in a 3 day trial membership of the Elite Force Fit App. If I do not cancel within the trial period, I will be charged $82.45 EVERY MONTH until I cancel.